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Briggs & BriarcastleThe 2.25 patch notes have been added to the Lodestone. If there is a lot of pertinent information, I'll do a quick skim guide.
Ceravic   Doesn't seem like much.
Briggs & Briarcastle   Yeah. So much for all the rumored fixes n' finalizing some content. I guess the five people who PvP will be happy with it.
CeravicSomething kind of cool to do during maintenance tonight maybe. It's a 1.23b private server. It's still very early on in development but it at least lets you log in and run around the old world.
The Seventh Umbral
Getting Started To play FFXIV v1.23b on the Seventh Umbral server, follow these steps: Install the Seventh Umbral Launcher (available on the downloads page). Create an account on t...
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Ceravic   You do have to have some way to install the old game though, so if you still have your discs you're in luck!
Briggs & BriarcastleSince we have a handful of new and returning players, I'd like to take a moment to point out a new feature added in 2.2; The Challenge Log. It rewards XP and Gil for completing various tasks, such as completing a handful of dungeons or gathering a certain amount of materials, things you'd accomplish through the regular course of play. These challenges reset every Tuesday Morning, so it's a nice source of extra Gil.

The Challenge Log can be unlocked by talking to a NPC in the Drowning Wench, in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks, named I'tolwann (x11, y10). The quest he gives you will be called 'Call of the Sea'.

If you're looking for a quick read through of new content and features added in 2.2, I suggest reading the Patch Notes thread in the forums.
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Briggs & BriarcastleThis Tuesday (22nd) @ 8:00 PM EST we'll be running Titan Ex to get those who need it past the hump. Show up sober, please!
Razak   hey hommie i won't be on tonight at 8 for this. Was hoping to but i'm trying to finish up a project - will post pictures this week when done. Me and git workin on a lil somethin' somethin
CeravicWe all know this feeling.
Link Description
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Briggs & BriarcastleI can't express how excited I was about this happening.
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Briggs & Briarcastle   [link]
Razak   WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR SHOULDER?! It's gonna eat you Alcee
CeravicAlcee is my hero! Titan EX down!
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Briggs & Briarcastle   ^_^
Ceravic   Ifrit EX down too! Leviathan EX and Moogle EX unlocked! Third animus book down! What a great weekend.
Briggs & BriarcastleI'd like some opinions on what sort of events everyone would be interested in seeing in the upcoming weeks! I know some people still need to finish the Ex Primal battles, so that's definitely on the slate. What else would people like? CT Nights? Treasure Hunting? Turn 1, 2, and 3 Farming? Random Acts of Kindness (setting up Party Finder to assist players with relics, etc)?

I'm open to any and all suggestions!
Ceravic   And now that I can add to my list, Levi EX and Moogle EX farming would be fun if we get enough people that know the fights (which includes me getting actual time in them). I watched a video on both. Moogle EX seems like a blast. Even if you wipe you can't be pissed because moogles.
Briggs & Briarcastle   I'm still learning T5 myself, but I'd be happy to start additional runs to see about getting more people (and myself!) through it.
Briggs & Briarcastle   And I miss Raka and you, Lil. Looking forward to seeing you guys in game more soon.
CeravicApparently this is working for some people. Might as well try it out:

Japanese ATMA farming theory : ffxiv
reddit: the front page of the internet
Briggs & Briarcastle   And in other Atma news, sleep deprivation has a few perks.



Kitsu   Thanks Pat!
Ceravic   Its probably all BS but its interesting. Might have to convert the times from JST to whatever your current time zone is. Who knows though.
RashyMost of us are taking a break from the game for a time. The reasons are far too numerous to state. None of us have left, just trying new things while the game changes or progresses from a casual environ to a more structured one.
Miss you all incredibly so!
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Stone House

Lillium a posted Mar 14, 14
Closing poll. Stone house was winning, and I think all who really cared voted!
Let's get stuff for our house now!

We have a Glade house, we would like the house to have somewhat of a uniform look. Maybe have the middle main floor, glade furnishing, and have the other rooms something else? Just keep in mind that we have a Glade house.  Oasis and Riviera things mind look a bit out of place.

Bawt House!

Lillium a posted Mar 13, 14
So check it, we got a plot!
Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 21! 

Now it is time to pick which type of house we want, the highest vote wins!

Also please keep the donations coming here and there. We want to get items to put in the house. If you are a crafter and want to make stuff to put in the house, then do it! All things that you want in the house, please drop it on page 3 of the company bank!

AC Overhaul

Lillium a posted Jan 28, 14
OMG! I hated seeing that old ass Lightning post! Needed something new!

So.......READ THIS PAGE !!

It is a long read, I apologize, but it needs to be read by all members of AC-FC and I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

I am tired and something needs to be done.
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