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LilliumMumble's server status says online, I don't know why it says "Problem connecting to server." on site.
DidgeTo anyone unaware, Walt Corrales (Rashy) passed away yesterday. He was the founder of this linkshell/free company, and was someone that many of us had the pleasure of knowing and playing with back from the FFXI days. Despite battling health issues much of his life, he was probably the most enthusiastic person you’d ever know. Because the question will no doubt be asked, I’ll say that his passing was health-related and not of his or anyone else’s making. He was one of my best friends, and will be missed dearly.
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FuriousCupcakes   Hearing this was extremely depressing. He was a genuinely remarkable friend and I'll never forget my time with you all in 1.0 FFXIV.
RashyIntroducing Bawt! Lv50 Badass Primevil!
Lewk dat bow!
Katashi San   R.I.P rashy
Ceravic   What?!
Lillium   Im glad you know katashi, or else i was gunna get on mumble. It sucks sucks sucks. Keep him and his family in your thoughts. I'm glad we all got to know rashy, he was a great person.
RashyHealer remade into something more Matrix-y!
RashyFinally Healer Greatclub! #spiky
Rashy   Bow next!
RashyMy Afro toting Oracle! (Healer!)
RashyMirage Snowlion!
Katashi San   Added 30 days
RashyGliding over the beautiful terrain!
RashyThat bawt there in the corner QQing is fucking amazing~
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